West Cork Helicopter

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Working in a team of three, we created a website that will allows people to access West Cork Helicopter services in a state of emergency or if they wish to donate to the service. The website will allow the user to ring West Cork Helicopter services directly on mobile and display their “what3words” location clearly. The website is responsive for mobile and desktop. The mobile version of the website prioritises the emergency contact and the “what3words” location. The desktop version has the donation and information section in the forefront as requested by client. 


The main functionalities required for the website as discussed by our team and the client are as follows.

  • A payment functionality for donations.

  • Access to telephone calling abilities on mobile version.

  • Ease of calling in an emergency.

  • Location tracking using what3words.

  • Access to information about the company.

  • Access to contact information.

  • Access to information on the company.

Research and Development 

Analysing the strengths and weaknesses of other helicopter rescue websites was essential in the progression of the project.

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Personas and Senarios 

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Initial UI Prototypes

We drew our first prototypes on paper and digitised this in XD. 


XD Prototype of final version

Following a meeting with the client, we changed the layout of the pages to have a better flow and added an FAQ page. We also changed the donation page to a modal window

Moblie XD wireframes.jpg
Style Tile.jpg

This was the style tile created and shown to the client along with the XD prototypes during the development stage of the project

Final Design
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