Dóchas Sa Faisean


This is my final year project for Creative Digital Media. It is an exhibition proposal to the science and technology museum, ‘The Cool Planet Experience’ in Co. Wicklow. The project consists of two parts; a design document and a video. The design document describes the proposed exhibition lay out, the technology necessary for the exhibition to work, the professionals required to program and install the exhibition and the pricing of the project. The video displays the user testing conducted in development of the project. It presents the many stages of qualitative user testing, which insures the technology, design and format of the exhibition fits the intended purpose.

The aim of this project is to contribute to the awareness campaign of climate change, within the scope of the fashion industry. The effect the fashion industry has on climate change is an aspect that is overlooked in the current climate conversation.

I took two main roles in this project; exhibition designer and UX designer.I designed a UI for the computer interface of the screens provided for the exhibition. I developed current UX knowledge in this project, as I conducted rounds of user testing and interviewed people in the project’s development. Testing of the use of games as a tool of learning and entertainment in a museum setting was the main objective attained.

User Testing

Think Aloud Protocol, Retrospective interviews and Repirtory Grid analysis

The arrival of global pandemic in March, enforced the redesign of the user testing section of the project. Inspiration was taken from museums which have become digitised, and are providing virtual tours online. 

An exhibition website and 3D model was created, which was given to test participants. Testing proceeded over Zoom and it provided successful results. The repetition of testing scenarios allowed me to gain invaluable interviewing skills which I hope to build on with future projects. 

Video showing steps of user testing

3D models of exhibtion created in Blender

Screenshot 2020-06-01 at 18.22.53.png
Screenshot 2020-06-01 at 18.55.42.png