Hillcrest Compliance


I worked closely with the manager to create a logo and a brand that symbolised the company efficiently. Following this I designed the UI of the website which contained a booking page and information on the company. 

Drawings of the UI designs

Inspiration was taken from other accounting websites.

Four pages were to be included; A home page, an 'about us' page, a contact page and a booking page. The booking page allows customers to 

book a consultation and pay for it in advance. 


The drawings were then used to develop three different versions of the webiste. These were shown to the client and a final prototype was developed

Home page - Version One 
Home page - Version Two 
Home page - Version Three 
Homepage 3.png
About Us - Version One
About Us.png
About Us - Version Two
About Us 2.png
About Us - Version Three
About Us 3.png
Contact Page - Version One
Contact Us.png
Contact Page - Version Two
Contact 2.png
Booking Page
Booking 2.png

Final Prototype

A final version was created using elements of the second and third versions of the website. The client preferred and  elements from these versions are more contemporary.

The Hillcrest Compliance website is offline

 temporarily due to Covid-19.